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#VeteranAdministration still treating #Disabled #vets #WoundedWarriors like crap @VA facilities

WED 10/15/2014 Gainesville Florida VA Medical Center As a 100% #disabled #veteran I called to get an appointment change from the #Gainesville #VA #Medical facility in #Gainesville #FL. I called because I have a small child and cannot make the almost two hour drive without help from my wife who isn’t avail the day my … Continue reading

Douchebag AG Holder Finally Leaving office after ruining nation.

After six full years of destroying America in favor of Extremist Muslims, America’s enemies & all who seek to strip American’s of Constitutional rights, has announced his resignation. Holder will more than likely be offered a job by some libtard company, so lets boycott any company who hires him. Continue reading

Black Thug Kills White Teen, Where’s Holder, Where’s the Outrage? Another example of the leftist media picking and choosing selective events to frame their agenda towards the Obama model. Black thug kills white teen in Florida and yet we don’t see riots, Al Sharpton, Jackson, or Eric Holder flying down here to whine and organize ISIS terrorist. Makes you wonder what their real agenda … Continue reading