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Army SOD-X Unit in N. Carolina established for Domestic Civil Unrest under Obama EO the latest in nationwide deployment

As described by Global ( units such as SOD-X are designated for domestic unrest, and as such a new unit activated in North Carolina National Guard is such a unit. This new Spec-OPs Special Forces detachment is hush hush but not the first. Units are nationwide and spread out to assist coast to coast … Continue reading

Wells Fargo Military Accounts Hacked Friday Evening

Subject Worldwide Military Banking Benefit Expired Received November 21, 2014 From Worldwide Military Banking Contact Us All Wells Fargo Banking military customers received emails & account alerts Friday evening apparently after Wells Fargo servers were hacked by outside sources. This hack caused military customers to call Wells Fargo which caused delays and backlogs on customer … Continue reading

#VeteranAdministration still treating #Disabled #vets #WoundedWarriors like crap @VA facilities

WED 10/15/2014 Gainesville Florida VA Medical Center As a 100% #disabled #veteran I called to get an appointment change from the #Gainesville #VA #Medical facility in #Gainesville #FL. I called because I have a small child and cannot make the almost two hour drive without help from my wife who isn’t avail the day my … Continue reading