Has the SDA Church lost their mind?? Shelia Jackson Lee- Homosexuality/Gay Marriage Supporter and SDA member invited to speak at 2015 General Conference Convention

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Voting Record

Since when has homosexuality been accepted in the SDA church?? Can you say Apostasy!

One has to wonder what moron within the Seventh-Day Adventist General Conference 2015 Convention on the 4th of July would think Congress women Shelia Jackson Lee would be a good example of the SDA church.

This women has done more to disgrace America, Texas, and the church than anyone I can name except those preaching the Rick Warren message.

She is a racist, an idiot, has no education of American history, and has repeatedly been quoted & taped making racists and Anti-American comments. All of which can be Googled by anyone who wants the truth.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: We Won Vietnam War, Landed on Mars in 1969.

SDA Church Florida Conference Use Rick Warren’s False PEACE and the Antichrist Agenda to Deceive

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Let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No’…: Rick Warren’s False PEACE and the Antichrist Agenda.

Sadly the SDA Florida Conference is allowing it’s Pastors to go unchecked and teach the Rick Warren doctrine and use his methods in order to fill their pews.

Under pressure from the Florida Conference leaders, to increase membership and baptisms in their churches Pastors are quickly using Rick Warren as their example to market a god to the masses. SDA Conference leaders have had their church elders tell them this is not biblical and they do not any part of it, YET conference leaders want numbers and the ends justify the means in these last days.

Hernando Florida & Homosassa SDA churches are a prime example of this conference experimentation.